Health Information Technology Social Media Marketing Intern

Health Information Technology Social Media Marketing Intern

CoreTech Revolution is an Brownsburg, Indiana-based vendor neutral technology advocate that understands the clinical, business and technology aspects of healthcare. We integrate various data and systems across the organization so all of a patient’s information is in one place, allowing for informed and timely clinical decisions. The result of that integration ensures success for both clinicians and most importantly, patients.

The CoreTech team in currently seeking a part-time Social Media Marketing Intern to support our ongoing growth within the healthcare technology industry.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Targeted email campaign
  • Online networking with technology partners to create future business leads and referrals
  • Maintain an active LinkedIn and overall online presence
  • Article development, minimum of two articles per week Must be able to meet weekly deadlines of researching and writing 2 blogs/week with little to no prior knowledge of blog topic

Skills needed:

  • Minimum of 1-year college classes completed or had a job for a period of 1 year writing blogs for a company.
  • Be working towards or already have a degree in Marketing, Advertising, Journalism, Communication, English, Creative Writing or another related field of study.
  • Must be able to work independently with minimum direction and assistance from team members
  • Experience with Social Media for business use (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc) and Social Media tools such as Hootsuite or others
  • Ability to research topics based on keywords and carefully analyze source to ensure credibility.
  • Intern should be excited about Healthcare IT and willing to learn more about the field
  • Ability to suggest/provide new topics for future blogs based on previous and ongoing research
  • Have excellent written and verbal communication skills and understand general digital marketing best practices
  • Must have extreme attention to detail, grammar, spelling and an eye for consistency as well as the ability to stay organized, plan ahead, collaborate, communicate and present ideas
  • Knowledge of WordPress, SEO fundamentals and digital marketing are a bonus and will be taken into consideration when choosing the best applicant for this position
  • Aptitude for technology-driven products/services
  • Familiarity with MS Office Suite required

Please forward cover letters and resumes to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it